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Resources for

LGBTQ+ Youth

Need assistance navigating through your journey?  Here you'll find FAQ's, peer-to-peer support, messages of hope, etc.

The mental, physical, and sexual health of LGBTQ+ individuals if often "at risk."  Affirmative practices and policies can be life changing!

Research points to the positive impact GSAs can have on not only LGBTQ+ youth, but on the overall school climate and culture.



Navigating one's gender identity and gender expression can be tricky.  Here you'll find resources to help you on your journey.

Resources for


Supportive allies are critical within the LGBTQ+ community!  Learn how how you can be a better ally for LGBTQ+ individuals.

You can be religious AND a supportive ally to LGBTQ+ individuals!  Read on to find resources for Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

Safe and affirming schools are vital to the mental and physical health of LGBTQ+ youth.  You can be the difference in their life!

Families can serve as a source of strength and support to LGBTQ+ youth.  Find out how you can support your child when they face adversity.

Navigate confusing terminology and find reputable data/research resources here.

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